People, Places and Time

There are consistent elements to all fine wine, no matter where it is made. Whether it be Burgundy, Piedmont or the Adelaide Hills, the stories always surround people, places, and time.

Quality is a pre-requisite and comes from the precious commodity of time. Ancient soils, ancestor vines, extended maturation.

It is only in very specific places where the combination of climate & soil produces something special. 

The sandy soils of Blewitt Springs to Coonawarra’s Terra Rossa strip, there is no substitute for where you grow, and even the slightest change to soil profile or elevation makes a world of difference.

Experience, friendship, collaboration. The endless pursuit of winemaking perfection is a people business like no other. 

The coming together of like-minded individuals, each bringing a wealth of history, knowledge, personality and passion, culminates in a unique and eclectic offering.

Barratt Family Barratt Family

Barratt Piccadilly Valley

Barratt Wines are one of the earliest wine producers in the Adelaide Hills, and custodian of one of the first vineyards in the Piccadilly Valley. As a small volume, family producer, the wines are made to exacting standards aligned to Lindsay Barratt’s approach to varietal style and typicity. Specialising in ultra-premium Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, the wines are evocative of both the beautiful area in which which they're made and the personality of their maker.

Hesketh Wines Hesketh Wines

Hesketh Wines

Over the course of three generations the Hesketh family has always followed the path less travelled by, with a winemaking history which spans not only South Australia, but also France in the Old World and North America. Our simple winemaking philosophy reflects this experience; only make wine from great vineyards in the best regions. And focus only on what each region does best.

Miss Zilm Miss Zilm

Miss Zilm Clare Valley

After spending nearly two decades winemaking in the Clare Valley, Keeda finally took the plunge and established Miss Zilm wines. The ethos is simple;purity and place. Boutique in size and nature, she is dedicated to capturing the essence of the Clare Valley and its sub-regions, crafting wines that are “true to site” and celebrate the hard work of her dedicated growers.

Ox Hardy Ox Hardy

Ox Hardy McLaren Vale

Ox Hardy wines represent a rare and precious combination of history, vineyard and winemaking provenance. Andrew ‘Ox’ Hardy is one of Australia’s most respected winemakers and his family’s Upper Tintara Vineyard, established in 1862, is one of Australia’s most important vinous treasures. Andrew’s library of wines drawn from the property demonstrate the quality and age-worthiness of these special releases.

Parker Estate Viticulturist Brett Williams Parker Estate Viticulturist Brett Williams

Parker Estate

Established in 1985, Parker Estate is committed to the ethos of 'Quality without compromise' in the approach to crafting the finest Cabernet Sauvignon, setting a new benchmark for quality in the region. Over the course of four decades, this approach has earned an outstanding reputation for quality, ageing potential and regional typicity, in addition to Halliday's 5 Red Star rating and inclusion in Langton’s Classification of Australian Wine as 'Excellent'.

St John Road Logo St John Road Logo

St John's Road Barossa

St John’s Road is a celebration of what Barossa does best. The creative vehicle for successive generations of Barossa winemakers leading the charge on a new approach to the stalwart varieties of the region. These wines are modern Barossa. An abundance of flavour, elegance and style.

Vickery Riesling Logo Vickery Riesling Logo

Vickery Riesling

John Vickery is the acknowledgedold masterof Riesling in Australia, with an illustrious career spanning over fifty years and culminating in the extraordinary tally of more than fifty Trophies and four hundred Gold Medals. Vickery wines are made in collaboration with talented winemaker Keeda Zilm, so that John’s winemaking methods and knowledge will be preserved and passed on for generations to come.